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Mental Health and Mindset

photo of bath and body products with text that reads Mental Health and Mindset

One of the biggest things I had to overcome mentally while adjusting to chronic illness was the mindset that everything keeps going wrong.

One of the ways that I overcame that mindset was noticing when I was thinking that way and then thinking "Not everything is going wrong. In fact, fill-in-the-blank is good." Learning to celebrate my small victories was hard to do but it has helped me so much.

Today I took a shower sitting on my plastic folding chair, something that I still don't have enough energy to do every day or even every other day, but I was able to wash my hair and body and even exfoliate my dry skin with a nice scented sugar scrub. When we moved here a few months ago I was only able to wash my hair or my body in the shower, never both, so this is a big accomplishment for me. My arms and legs are very worn out and sore now but I still managed to do that today and I am happy that I did.

Do you ever fall into the mindset that everything is always going wrong? What is one of the small things that you accomplished lately?

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